President’s Message

Dear Members and Guests,

Welcome to the first issue of the Sego Lily Chapter newsletter.  As a new chapter it is exciting to see how we are growing.  Many members have worked hard to get us through the first stages of development for a new chapter.  The support of all our members has made the job easier for everyone.  We are adding another level of communication with this, the first of many newsletters.  A website is in the planning and we will keep you informed as our web presence gets ready to go on line.  Stasha is working with Alice S. to bring this effort forward.

Alice S. has spent many hours researching newsletters from other chapters and has provided us with this first issue.  I hope you all enjoy reading every bit of the newsletter.  Thank you, Alice S., for all of your time and effort to publish the newsletter.

Kathy and her program committee have met and have put together a great year of meeting programs for us.  There are terrific varieties of stitching opportunities with something for everyone.  I want to thank everyone who said yes to Kathy when she asked them to teach a class for the Chapter.  We have so many very talented members who are willing to share their knowledge with all of us.  Thank you all for sharing your talents.

We, in EGA, have many programs for outreach to our community and to others who share our interest and passion for embroidery and Sego Lily Chapter is looking for ways to continue letting our community know that EGA and Sego Lily Chapter members are working to keep the art of embroidery alive.  If you know of any school or group which would like to learn more about embroidery let one of your Board of Directors members know and we will work with you to present a program or demonstration for the group.

It is time to look at the education opportunities at EGA National Seminar 2012.  There are many classes from which to choose and I encourage everyone to look at the Seminar Brochure for all the information about National Seminar in Santa Fe.   The seminar this year is hosted by our Rocky Mountain Region.

Thank you all for being members of the newest EGA chapter in Utah.  I hope you continue to enjoy the meetings and enjoy reading the newsletter.

Alice R.

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