January Meeting and Bead Shopping

As you know we are in the process of deciding where to meet in the future since CUMC is now wanting to charge for the room use. Since we have not had a meeting where we can discuss this as a group Alice S. and some of the other Executive Board decided to have the January meeting elsewhere. Alice S. has offered her wonderful "Girl Cave" for this meeting. We are looking at meeting at the Millcreek Library in February as that would give us a second location to try out. This situation will be discussed at the meeting this month so if at all possible please plan to attend.

We will meet on January 24, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the home of Alice S.The program will be to start work on the CGG beading project. If you are not taking the GCC please come and bring a project of your choice to work on. Or just come for the friendship and conversation (when Kathleen is not teaching, of course).

Anyone wanting to go to dinner we thought that it would be fun to go to Lettuce and Ladles at: 2268 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109. We can meet around 5:30 PM and that will give us time for dinner and conversation.

This will be a great time to get together after all the holidays and see our friends, work on new projects or continue on previous ones.

Remember, Tuesday, January 16 at 7:00 PM everyone taking the GCC will meet at Heart Beads so we can purchase the supplies for the GCC. Heart Beads is located at: 6054 South State Street.

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Sego Lily Holiday Party

Our holiday party is coming soon so I wanted to send a reminder to you all. The party is on Friday December 8, 2017 at 6:30 PM at the home of Alice S. We will have a potluck dinner followed by a stash exchange. Please, bring a dish of something in the line of food to share for dinner and bring all those stash items that you know you will never finish or start or just wonder why you bought that in the first place as it is way more difficult than you expected and exchange for something you really do want and know you will finish.

Come and enjoy a great start to the holiday season with you stitching friends.

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Yes, we are having a Holiday Party in December so save the date: Friday, December 8, 2017 at 6:30 PM at the home of Alice S.

We are going to have our traditional potluck dinner so plan on bringing goodies and remember we do not assign courses so you can bring whatever you want to share with the group. It is always fun to see what everyone brings and it is always a tasty assortment of good thing to eat.

We will have a stash exchange but, not a raffle this year. How this works is you bring stash you know you will never stitch or finish or don’t like anymore and trade it for something you would rather stitch. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Now you get to go mark your calendar to save the date and time. We all know how the holiday schedule fills up.

Remember to bring family and friends as they are always welcome at Sego Lily meetings and parties. This is a great time to introduce them to Sego Lily Chapter and EGA.

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October Holiday Stitching Meeting

I know time is just flying by with all the holidays coming soon, way to soon if you ask me. So it is time to start planning our next meeting which, will be October 26, 2017 at 7:00 PM in Room 101A at CUMC located at 2375 East 3300 South. Our program will be holiday stitching so bring all those ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, Santas, elves, holly and whatever you have planned for your holiday stitching.

This meeting will be very important as we will be voting on an amendment to RMR By-Laws as well as several amendments to Sego Lily Chapter By-Laws. This is how you have a voice in not only our Chapter but in the Region. Please plan to attend this meeting so you may vote.

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September Meeting

Our regular meeting is Thursday September 28, 2017 at 7:00 PM in Room 101A at CUMC (Christ United Methodist Church). The program this month is open stitch and RaNae said, last month, she would try her best to be at this meeting to help any of us with the beaded bracelet she taught last month. So bring your bracelet or that special project you want to spend some time with and enjoy stitching with friends.

Kathleen has extended the deadline for the GCC payment to be due at the meeting. If you want to send you check to Sandie before the 28th please feel free to do so.

We do have some business from RMR to discuss at this meeting regarding a By-Laws change which has been proposed. The proposal will be read at this meeting and will be voted upon at the October meeting as required by the RMR By-Laws.

Guest and visitors are always welcome at Sego Lily Chapter. Please join us for stitching, learning, and making new friends.

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August Board Meeting and Regular Meeting

This month we are meeting on August 24, 2017 at CUMC located at 2375 East 3300 South, Room 101A. There will be a Board Meeting at 6:00 PM and President, Alice S. has asked that all board members and committee chairmen attend this board meeting. As always, our board meetings are open to all of our members so everyone is welcome.

Since we have the board meeting it will be difficult to go to dinner prior to the meeting, at least for those attending this important meeting.

The regular meeting will begin at 7:00 PM and the class is the beautiful beaded bracelet taught by RaNae. For the class you will need to bring your BSK (Basic Sewing Kit) and if you have one a thread burner. This is going to be a fun class as RaNae is a wonderful teacher as those of you who have taken classes with her before know.

So come for the Board Meeting and the Regular Meeting where you can have fun learning something new.

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July Meeting – Linen, Step II

Our meeting this month will be July 27, 2017 at 7:00 PM in room 101A at CUMC, 2375 East 3300 South. We will continue our adventure into stitching on linen. You will need to bring your kit (plastic canvas and linen) to this class so you can practice the stitches. Bring some embroidery thread as well. I will have more yarn for use on the plastic canvas. You will need your BSK (Basic Sewing Kit) with the addition of a laying tool. Your laying tool can be a wooden hair pick, a really huge needle, or a Best Laying Tool which is available at a lot of the needle work stores. If you don’t want to purchase something then go with the really huge needle as that will work.

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June Birthday Party

Our June meeting is a celebration of Sego Lily Chapter and the beginning of a new term for our new officers. The officers will be leading the Chapter for the next two years and they enjoy your suggestions and support. So when our new President, Alice S. asks you to be a committee chairman or serve on a committee please say yes as that will help our Sego Lily Chapter grow and be successful.

Our new officers are:

President: Alice S.

Vice President: Alice R.

Region Rep: Shana

Secretary: Kelsey

Treasurer: Sandie

These officers will be working hard for the success of our Sego Lily Chapter so be sure to thank them for serving as officers. When Alice S. talks to you about a committee position please say yes, or better yet call Alice S. and let her know you would like to be a committee chairman or serve on a committee.

Our meeting this month is at the home of Alice R. Please check your roster for her address or contact us via our email: egasegolilychapter for directions. Party date is June 22, 2017 and we meet at 6:30 PM for a pot luck dinner and big time show and tell. For dinner bring something you enjoy sharing. Beverages and paper products will be supplied by Alice R. Show and tell is for anything you have finished this past year, WIP’s or things you are hoping to get to soon. Bring your stitching and inspire others to enjoy the same projects or something like your project.

See you on June 22, 2017 at 6:30 PM at Alice R.’s home.

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Updated Meeting Schedule

This is the current schedule for our meetings through December.

May – Name Tag
June – Chapter birthday pot luck at Alice R’s home. Let’s make Show and Tell awesome this year and bring anything you have finished. If you want to stitch while here bring something to stitch. REMEMBER your wild life donations are due at this meeting.
July – Lined Part Deux We will be learning some different stitches like Smyrna cross, eyelet, queen stitch, french knots and any other stitches I think would be fun. I am open to suggestions, request and pleadings for other stitches to check out.

August – Beaded Bracelet with RaNae. Kit fee is $70.00

September – Open stitch. Bring what you are wanting to finish. This could be your name tag, practicing your stitches on linen or what you just want to enjoy stitching.

October – Holiday Stitching. Get those holiday gifts or decorations going or better yet, finished (I will be wishing mine were even close to being finished at this point).

November- Enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends

December – Holiday Party?? We can decide this at a future meeting.

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Dues are now due and must be paid by May

Dues for all EGA members are due in May and the treasurer must send the dues to National and RMR in May.

Sego Lily Chapter dues are $48.00 and include National and Rocky Mountain Region dues. This is a bargain as so much is included in our dues. Remember you receive NeedleArts magazine four times a year as well as membership in Rocky Mountain Region and National EGA.

Please be ready to pay your dues in April so they can be sent to RMR and National on time.

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