March Board Meeting and Regular Business Meeting

President, Alice S. is holding the quarterly board meeting at 6:00 PM with the regular meeting to follow at 7:00 PM. We will eat while we have the board meeting as Alice says there is not much to discuss. Remember the Board is all elected officers and committee chairmen with the meeting open to all members. Only Executive Board members and committee chairmen can vote at the Board Meeting.

The program for this month is a beginning Hardanger class. I had sent the supply list earlier but, I am including it again just to make sure you have the information.

Fabric: I would suggest 25 count Lugano but, any even weave fabric will do as long as it is not Aida. Aida will just not work for Hardanger due to the way the Aida is woven. If you use a 24-25 count fabric it is easier to see what you are doing and to count correctly.

Thread: You will be using Pearle Cotton in two different sizes and the sizes depend on the fabric you choose.

24 count fabric or less use #5 and #8 Pearle Cotton

25 count fabric or more use #8 and #12 Pearle Cotton


Tapestry needles #22 and/or #24

Bring your Basics and Beyond book. For those of you who ordered the books I will bring your copies to the meeting. Once I have the books with the invoice I will send you an email with your cost, including shipping and you may pay me by check or cash at the meeting.

About segolilyega

We are the Sego Lily Chapter of EGA in the Rocky Mountain Region. We meet the 4th Thursday of the month at Christ United Methodist Church, on 33rd south, SLC, UT.
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