Yes, we are having a Holiday Party in December so save the date: Friday, December 8, 2017 at 6:30 PM at the home of Alice S.

We are going to have our traditional potluck dinner so plan on bringing goodies and remember we do not assign courses so you can bring whatever you want to share with the group. It is always fun to see what everyone brings and it is always a tasty assortment of good thing to eat.

We will have a stash exchange but, not a raffle this year. How this works is you bring stash you know you will never stitch or finish or don’t like anymore and trade it for something you would rather stitch. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Now you get to go mark your calendar to save the date and time. We all know how the holiday schedule fills up.

Remember to bring family and friends as they are always welcome at Sego Lily meetings and parties. This is a great time to introduce them to Sego Lily Chapter and EGA.

About segolilyega

We are the Sego Lily Chapter of EGA in the Rocky Mountain Region. We meet the 4th Thursday of the month at Christ United Methodist Church, on 33rd south, SLC, UT.
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